Evolutionary literacy is low in the United States. As evolutionary educators, we bear much of the responsibility for this challenge. Members of our lab participate in public outreach activities to raise awareness about the importance of evolutionary understanding for diverse areas, including medicine, agriculture, and conservation. Bret was recently featured on Wisconsin public radio to discuss the importance of Darwin’s outlook for modern society. Bret also spoke at UW-Madison’s Darwin Day, a celebration intended to engage the public in dialogue about the implications of evolutionary thought for our lives. Bret and his graduate students serve on committees for the UW Evolution Initiative, which includes outreach activities that target K-12 education. In the near future, Bret is planning to work with the Wisconsin Teacher Enhancement Program to develop new evolutionary curricula for high school biology teachers in the state.

Jered, Mark, Michelle and Megan, Darwin Day Booth 2017

Darwin Day Booth 2017

Mark and Michelle, Darwin Day Booth 2015

Lauren, Darwin Day Booth 2015