Outreach and Service

Speciation Game

Lab members Megan Frayer and Bret created an educational card game to teach students about speciation. In the Speciation game, players compete to form new species by evolving diverse barriers to reproduction. This collaborative effort with Kaitlin Edwards, Christina Swords, Anika Gupta, Millie Rolander, and Travis Tangen at the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and Kevin Niemi at WISCIENCE was funded by the National Science Foundation. Check out this article for more about the development and purpose of the  Speciation game.

Darwin Day



We believe in service. Members of the lab serve on committees in our department and in the J. F. Crow Institute for the Study of Evolution. Bret currently chairs the departmental Diversity Committee and participates in the Campus Advisory Group on Sexual Assault and Misconduct. Bret is currently a charter member of the Genetic Variation and Evolution Study Section at the National Institutes of Health and he serves as Section Editor for the journal PLoS Genetics.